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February 1: Weekend Wade - LA River
As they say at LA River Flyfishing, "Fishing for Carp, waiting for Steelhead"


We will be meeting at Marsh Street Park which offers ample parking, toilets, picnic tables and good upstream and downstream access. Though most fly fishers target carp, the LA River also has bass, green sunfish, bullhead catfish, and tilapia. Visit the Event Calendar for more information, maps, & a checklist. The outing is free but you can still register for email updates on the calendar.

February 17: Jon Balocchi "Fly Fishing the Northern Sierra"
Great fishing not so far away from SoCal


This month we will be seeing a presentation about fly fishing on three different waters -- two rivers and a stillwater -- that are all exciting, all lovely and all filled with fish. Our speaker, Jon Baliocchi, will be focusing on the pristine watershed of the North Fork of the Yuba River, the designated “Wild and Scenic” Middle Fork of the Feather River and the amazing Lake Davis.You can make a reservation online.

February 18: Midweek Meander - Will Rogers State Beach
It's the time of year for the big momma surf perch

We have a new moon and what looks to be an excellent tide on this date.  However we will need to keep an eye on wind, waves, and water quality which are, of course, the unknowns at this point. Register to receive emails in case there are any last minute changes. Note location change. We will be at the Temescal Canyon entrance. Make a right at the gate and park in the lot to the north.

February 27 - March 1: Lower Owens Outing
A fantastic winter fishery

The Lower Owens River is a tail-water fishery 15 miles north of Bishop. It holds more fish per mile than any other section of the Owens drainage. The LO Wild Trout Area is a four-mile section set aside for barbless artificials and has a zero limit. This prolific brown trout fishery is a WFF favorite for winter outings. If you are not familiar with the LO or how to fish it, we will be glad to pair you with an experienced angler who will show you how. Register for email updates.

February 28: Pat Jaeger - Introduction to Tenkara
Come see what the buzz is about

In conjunction with the Lower Owens outing, we have booked Pat Jaeger, our January 2014 presenter, for one of his on the water Tenkara classes. Pat has fished his way through the Eastern Sierra using Tenkara rods with great success and enthusiasm. Don't miss this opportunity to be introduced to Tenkara by someone who actually fishes with the system. Please note that Pat has a limited number of loaner rods available. First come, first served. You can register on the February Event Calendar. (Note: If you are not interested in the class come up & fish with us anyway.)

February 28: Fly Tying - Barr's Emerger
This is one pattern you will definitely want to have in your box

The Barr’s Emerger is high on many anglers list of favorite flies. A simple concoction of feathers and dubbing, this simple pattern is an all around great fly. The idea behind this pattern, according to John Barr, was to imitate the adult insect creeping out of the nymphal shuck. The wet BWO version is the most popular variation, and the one Mel will be teaching at this month’s Fly Tying Class.

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Founded in Santa Monica, California in 1965, Wilderness Fly Fishers is one of the oldest fly fishing clubs in the Los Angeles area. It is a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the preservation and improvement of all fishing waters. WFF promotes stream and river protection with self-sustaining fish populations through conservation, environmental activism, catch-and-release ethics, and education.