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2017 Kelsay Bass Ranch Outing Celia Carroll
21 photos - updated 6/14/2017
I went out fishing yesterday on Castaic with Larry Kurosaki. The Lake is fishing as well as I have ever seen it.  The water level is finally up to about normal with lots of new structure and cover.
2017 Rich Peters at Castaic Lake Celia Carroll
2 photos - updated 6/3/2017
2017 Fry Release Day - Bugology Celia Carroll
18 photos - updated 5/26/2017
2017 Trout in the Classroom Casting Celia Carroll
5 photos - updated 5/26/2017
One of four stations students experience on fry release day. Others are Casting, Fry Release, and Bugology
2017 Trout in the Classroom Fly Tying Celia Carroll
11 photos - updated 5/26/2017
2017 Trout in the Classroom Releasing Fish Celia Carroll
16 photos - updated 5/26/2017
Gerry Berman caught Florida Largemouth Bass and bluegill early and late, from shore and float tube all weekend long!
2017 Gerry Berman at Kelsey Bass Ranch Celia Carroll
23 photos - updated 5/23/2017
Five fly fishers experienced limited success on the West fork of the San Gabriel River on April 6, 2017. Jerry Burgan caught the lone Rainbow.
2017 West Fork Outing Celia Carroll
9 photos - updated 4/26/2017
WFF volunteers assist six teachers in Culver City and Torrance as they raise California Coastal Rainbow in the classrooms. Volunteers demonstrate basic fly fishing, entomology and trout anatomy.
2017 Trout in the Classroom Celia Carroll
6 photos - updated 2/1/2017
Beau Beau McFadyean: Big Horn Presentation.
2017 Montana's Big Horn River
13 photos - updated 2/1/2017
2016 Rich Peters in Ontario Celia Carroll
21 photos - updated 1/31/2017
Fishing the NE portion of CA. Includes parts of neighboring Nevada.
2016 Trophy Trout Waters of Calvada
11 photos - updated 6/23/2016
Fifteen fly fishers and wives camped along the shores of a private, 125-acre lake at Kelsey Bass Ranch for the annual bass-fishing / float-tubing excursion!
2016 Kelsey Bass Ranch
20 photos - updated 6/1/2016
At Culver City Middle School, seventh grade science teachers Tom Kim, Crystal Peters and Phyllis Yarbrough taught trout biology using 'Trout in the Classroom' aquariums.
2016 Trout in the Classroom at Culver City Middle School
9 photos - updated 5/16/2016
Spring-fed rivers and lakes along Oregon’s lovely Highway 97.
2016 Oregon's Trout Route - Highway 97
10 photos - updated 5/4/2016
For you, third grade students and teachers at Culver City's Linwood E. Howe Elementary School: a photo album for your 'Trout in the Classroom, 2016' experience.
2016 Howe Elementary Trout Release
47 photos - updated 5/4/2016
Teacher Jennifer Servin's third graders at El Marino Language School released their classroom-raised rainbow trout on March 14, 2016.
2016 El Marino Language School Trout Release
26 photos - updated 4/28/2016
Walteria Elementary School in Torrance, CA raised fish for the WFF Trout in the Classroom program. They released their fish on March 19 at Kenneth Hahn State Recreation in Los Angeles.
2016 Walteria Elementary Trout in the Classroom
8 photos - updated 4/25/2016
2011 Kelsey Lake
20 photos - updated 4/22/2016
April 2016 presentation by Jason Randall.
2016 What Trout See
11 photos - updated 4/20/2016
Near Our Watersheds: Pathway to the Pacific. Discover the importance of the Southern California steelhead at the new immersive exhibit.
2015 Steelhead Exhibit - Long Beach Aquarium
4 photos - updated 4/20/2016
Our January 2016 Program: Landon Mayer's Secrets & Tactics for Catching Selective Trout
2016 Secrets & Tactics for Catching Selective Trout
12 photos - updated 4/20/2016
Mel and Neil's Big Trout, Exotic Location and Low Cost DIY Adventure in Patagonia.
2015 Mel & Neil's Big Trout, Exotic Location & Low Cost Adve
10 photos - updated 4/20/2016
2015 Gary Bulla Class Walter C Dodder III
12 photos - updated 4/20/2016
2015 Holiday Party  Tom Rasmussen
84 photos - updated 4/20/2016
No surprise there are bonefish and other tropical species swimming on the flats. Turns out there is also some great freshwater fishing in Hawaii! Peter Koga & Zino Nakasu have the pix to prove it!
2016 Fly Fishing in Hawaii
14 photos - updated 4/20/2016
Capt. Bruce Chard's first love (after fly fishing) is teaching people how to fish, how to cast, how to see all the grace, charm and beauty in what we do and where we “do” it.
2016 Fly Fishing Flats Around the World
8 photos - updated 4/20/2016
Photos from Zane Mirfin's July 2015 presentation.
2015 Affordable Fly Fishing in New Zealand
13 photos - updated 4/20/2016
Just a couple of fish from Rich Peters' phenomenal fishing on Christmas Island! His article in April, 2016 Mending the Line is a 'must read' for anyone interested in this remote destination.
2016 Rich Peters at Christmas Island
2 photos - updated 4/20/2016
Teachers, students and many WFF volunteers worked together to raise rainbow trout from egg to fry in six classrooms in Culver City and Torrance.
2015 Trout in the Classroom
9 photos - updated 1/30/2016